Emergency Flood

Toronto’s Emergency Flood Damage Restoration Experts

MCA Group offers extensive cleaning and restoration services. Among them, flood restoration. Our certified, trained professionals are available always to assist you or your company with any water damage as a result of flooding, moisture, plumbing failures or other.

Whether your damages are a flooded basement, water damage to walls or ceilings, damages from overhead sprinklers, heavy rains, basement plumbing leaks, appliance overflow or broken water pipes, we offer you our continues assistance and support. Offering not only cleaning, we also repair damages and extract standing water.

We are here to help you when you need us; we are dedicated and always on call

  • Flexible services and fast scheduling
  • 24/7 hour hotline for any emergencies
  • Quality assurance
  • Emergency Services
  • Trained, tested and certified professionals through the IICRC
  • Your 100% satisfaction guaranteed

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Water Extraction

Our teams utilise extraction units, pumps, high-efficiency air movers and dehumidifiers to quickly and efficiently remove standing water and dry your wet structures and furnishings. We know how important it is to dry water and water damaged areas to prevent bacteria and mould growth. Call us immediately for a quick response! We guarantee quick removal and the complete elimination of all water damage.

If you have been unsuccessful in removing standing water, consider also hiring an expert contractor to waterproof the affected areas to prevent future flooding. While we can remove standing water and dry existing structures quickly and efficiently, we cannot guarantee the prevention of future flooding.


MCA Group’s teams of professional cleaners are trained to properly handle all possible risks associated with bacteria, mould, fungus and hazardous materials. Customers may need to understand that following flooding or water damage, not all materials can be restored. Porous or absorbent materials might not be able to be cleaned after coming into contact with contaminated water. Our experts can guide you and give you advice on how best to proceed with damaged, contaminated items. We use the latest air-purification and disinfection technologies to give your home or business the best possible chance of complete restoration.

Damage Repairs and Cleaning

Upon complete restoration and drying, we offer a comprehensive cleaning service wherein we remove stains from walls, floors and furnishing, sanitize all surfaces of your home to reduce the chance of bacterial growth, remove mould and mildew, vacuum surfaces, clean debris and revert your home or business to it’s original state. We are excellent at thorough cleaning of difficult areas, which is why we are your number one choice in the GTA for professional flooding damage repairs and cleaning.

Odour Removal

We are here to help you when you need us. Following flooding or water damage, especially if your damage was sewer related, your home or business may retain some smells. In order to remove those smells, MCA Group uses top of the line air filtration and sanitation technologies. We provide you with the best services to remove any residual odours and have your interior back to the way it was in no time.

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